Japanese uchi society : and its historical relationship to Japanese management




Japanese management that has led the national economic growth achievements in the short time since the 1960s has been positively and negatively evaluated by critics. Nevertheless, the essence of its success continues. Economic success is based upon the correct combination of technology and social systems that exist in a country. It is the management style that binds these together and differs according to the nature of the surrounding society. The authors define Japan as an, "Uchi Society" that is well blended with its evolved management methods. "Uchi Society" is based on give-and-take relationships that hold valid among its members like strong family ties. In this paper the authors show that Japanese corporate management philosophy is deeply related to the concept of "Uchi Society" and present illustrative cases from the late Edo to Showa periods (17^


  • Keio business review

    Keio business review 34 29-50, 1996

    Society of Business and Commerce, Keio University


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