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社会科学的対象認識に立脚した社会福祉方法技術論は成立するか : 「社会科学的ソーシャルワーク論」の可能性


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  • シャカイ カガクテキ タイショウ ニンシキ ニ リッキャク シタ シャカイ フクシ ホウホウ ギジュツロン ワ セイリツ スル カ : 「 シャカイ カガクテキ ソーシャルワークロン 」 ノ カノウセイ
  • Consideration on social welfare skill theory which is based on to recognize social welfare subject social scientifically : The possibility of `Social Scientific Socialwork Theory'

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The aim of this paper is presentation of essay toward construction `Social Scientific Socialwork Theory' or integration social welfare policy theory and social welfare support skill theory. For that, following works will be done. Namely, 1) The reviews of typical research results toward construction `Social Scientific Socialwork Theory' up to today. 2) To abstract the common element from theories in 1) 3) To point out the insufficiency on theory up to today 4) Consideration on necessary supplementation to construct `Social Scientific Socialwork Theory'



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