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  • チェレンコフ ジユウ デンシ レーザー ノ キソ リロン カイセキ
  • Fundamental Theory of Cherenkov Free Electron Laser

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Some of free electron lasers (FELs) have been operated as users facilities in the wavelength region from ultraviolet to far infrared. All of them are huge, set up in a special building excluding x-ray radiation, and maintained by some operators. Therefore, everyone cannot necessarily use them every time when he wants to do his experiment. If it is possible for him to use a small sized FEL in his laboratory, FEL will be extended widely in various fields of scientific investigation. We have been researching on a micro field emitter for a small sized FEL based on Cherenkov effect. In order to develop a Cherenkov FEL the physics on it must be clarified. In this note theory of the Cherenkov FEL is summarized for our future work by referring to some publications.


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