Model Tests on Pressurized Friction-Type Anchors

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  • 群アンカーの引抜き抵抗力に関する模型実験
  • グン アンカー ノ ヒキヌキ テイコウリョク ニ カンスル モケイ ジッケン

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This paper presents the generation mechanisms of pull-out resistance of pressurized friction-type anchor at the cases of single anchor and group anchors. At the case of single anchor, it is shown that the ultimate pull-out resistance of pressurized friction-type anchor increases to 1.3~1.6 times compared with the resistance of non-pressurized friction-type anchor and the effect of mechanics of pressurizing is remarkable. At the case of group anchors, it is clarified that the slipping masses from both sides between anchors intersects and combines when anchor installation depth (D) and ratio (D/B) at anchor intervals (B) grows more than 1.43 by the strain analysis using PIV and it leads to the large decrease in the ultimate pull-out resistance.


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