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徳島高血圧・糖尿病study2011 : 高血圧・糖尿病合併例に関する多施設研究


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  • ダイ28カイ トクシマ イガッカイショウ ジュショウ ロンブン トクシマ コウケツアツ ・ トウニョウビョウ study2011 : コウケツアツ ・ トウニョウビョウ ガッペイレイ ニ カンスル タシセツ ケンキュウ
  • トクシマ コウケツアツ トウニョウビョウ study 2011 : コウケツアツ トウニョウビョウ ガッペイ レイ ニ カンスル タシセツ ケンキュウ

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Cardiologists and diabetologists in Tokushima Prefecture investigated patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus on treatment in2011. The findings were compared with our year‐2004 data. The study population comprised 236 patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus being treated by cardiologists(C2011group), and 395 patients with the same condition being treated by diabetologists(D2011group). The mean number of antihypertensives used per patient was1.9for the C2011group and1.6for the D2011group. In these two groups, calcium antagonists were the most frequently used drugs. Renin-angiotensin system(RAS)inhibitors were used in71.5% of the patients in the C2011group and70.0% in the D2011group. The ratio of patients meeting the blood pressure criteria of the Japan Hypertension Society Guidelines was 21.6% for the C2004group,22.9% for the D2004group,29.1% for the C2011group, and18.2% for the D2011group. The mean number of antidiabetics used per patient was1.3for the two groups, glimepiride being most frequently used(38.5% for the C2011group,58.1% for the D2011group), followed by α-glucosidase inhibitors and pioglitazone. Frequency of use of biguanide increased compared with2004. The ratio of patients with HbA1c<6.5% was40.7% for the C2004group, 21.9% for the D2004 group, 46.5% for the C2011 group, and 49.0% for the D2011 group ; a significant improvement was observed in the D2011group compared with the D2004group. The serum cholesterol control rate was49.7% for the C2004group,45.0% for the D2004group,60.9% for the C2011group, and56.5% for the D2011group. The ratio of patients achieving good control for all three parameters(blood pressure, blood glucose level, serum lipid level)was low at7.6% for the C2004group,6.7% for the D2004group,9.4% for the C2011group, and9.0% for the D2011 group. This managerial situation for the condition is unsatisfactory, necessitating efforts for even better control.


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