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  • The impact of part-time jobs on the health, study, and mindset of university students

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This is the study to investigate the influence on university students working part-time with regard to daily life,health conditions and study environments as well as their mindset toward them. A questionnaire for the survey was delivered to the entire 327 second year students at the university, to receive 215 responds. Then the data from 168 students - having part-time jobs at the time of the survey - out of 215 respondents were analyzed. The questionnaire - which employed 4-point Likert scale - was an inquiry about changes in their health conditions, study environments and mindsets. The responses were examined with the chi-square test after practicing cross tabulation of two elements. The obtained results showed that many of them worked for food service and retail industries, and majority of their objectives to work part-time was for personal pleasure, leisure and hobbies. The level of satisfaction for compensation and peer relationship at work reached relatively high percentage of 62%. It was nevertheless notable that the cohort with longer working hours responded complaining of imbalanced diet and shortage of sleeping time accompanied by physical exhaustion. With respect to their study environment, the cohort with longer working hours noted more on their drowsiness during classes. Both cohorts of working hours, however, did not show significant differences concerning decreasing tendency of study time, frequency of overdue assignments, tardy, absence and negligence. With the aspect of changes in their mindsets, significant number of students working longer regarded themselves to have become taking more time to contemplate. The above-mentioned results have suggested that working part time within the appropriate length can contribute to reducing negative effects onto their health and study, encouraging them to develop their social mindsets and trigger their interest toward their future work.


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