Four questions to understand economic sanctions more appropriately

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  • 経済制裁をめぐる4つの問い ―より適切な理解のために―
  • ケイザイ セイサイ オ メグル 4ツ ノ トイ : ヨリ テキセツ ナ リカイ ノ タメニ

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This article aims to increase the understanding of economic sanctions by focusing on four questions: do economic sanctions work well; for what purposes do states use them; under what conditions do they work well; and by what criteria should their success or failure be judged. Earlier studies of economic sanctions have tended to focus on a fruitless question―Do economic sanctions work well? They have also tended to consider economic sanctions only from the viewpoint of coercion (producing concessions or changes of behavior in the target country) and judge their usefulness and validity based only on the criteria of whether the coercion succeeded or not. This article criticizes these tendencies by indicating other important purposes of economic sanctions―signaling and containment. Additionally, it examines under what conditions these three different purposes could succeed. Finally, this article considers how to judge the usefulness and validity of economic sanctions, and it is suggested that success or failure of economic sanctions should be judged not on the success or failure of coercion but on the improved strategic situation of a country using sanctions.


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