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  • ショウ ガ イ ノ アル コドモ ニ タイスル スクールソーシャルワーク ノ ヤクワリ ト カダイ
  • School Social Work for Students with Special Needs in Japan

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School social workers in Japan face a variety of challenges providing services for children and their families. In Japan, the service began nationwide in 2008 through the encouragement of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology. This study examines specific cases to identify problems school social work faces in Japan today. A body of research on school social work in Japan has gradually accumulated yet; little has been done within the area of education for children with special needs. Some physically and mentally challenged children experience abuse at home. Others are victims of school bullying, and eventually refuse to attend school or even engage in criminal behavior, as would children without disabilities. Research indicates that children with special needs tend to receive educational support only when social workers actually need to intervene. In order to reduce disadvantages of children with special needs, teachers and school social workers need to communicate and cooperate when providing the necessary support for their needs. School social workers should not only inform education professionals about educational needs, but also identify and solve problems special needs children face in their home and other social environments.


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