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  • MBE セイチョウ シタ FePt-Ag オヨビ FePd-Ag グラニュラーマク ノ スイチョク ジキイカタセイ ト コウゾウ
  • Perpendicular anisotropy and structure of MBE-grown FePt-Ag and FePd-Ag granular films

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FePt-Ag alloy films were prepared on MgO(001) substrates by an MBE method, and their crystal, surface structures and perpendicular magnetic anisotropies were investigated. Moreover, the same experiments were performed for FePd alloy, films which have the same crystal structure as FePt while exhibit much lower order-disorder transition temperature than that of FePt, and the results obtained for the twosystems were compared. In the case of FePt system, the Ag addition with the amount of 20 at.% was effective to promote the granular structure and lower the ordering temperature. These results were consistent with the increase of the coercivity and perpendicular anisotropy by the addition of Ag in FePt. On the other hand, the structure of FePd varied from granular to continuous film by adding Ag, accompanying the reduction of its coercivity and perpendicular anisotropy.



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