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選択的刺激呈示法による注視点非依存なP300-based Brain-Computer Interfaceの判別速度改善に関する検討

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  • 選択的刺激呈示法による注視点非依存なP300-based Brain-Computer Interfaceの判別速度改善に関する検討(BCI/BMIとその周辺,一般)
  • センタクテキ シゲキ テイジホウ ニ ヨル チュウシテン ヒイソン ナ P300-based Brain-Computer Interface ノ ハンベツ ソクド カイゼン ニ カンスル ケントウ
  • A Study on Improvement of Classification Time of Gaze Independent P300-based Brain-Computer Interface using Selective Stimulus Presentation

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In conventional P300-based Brain Computer Interface, interface where characters or commands are matrix-arrayed has been used for stimulus presentation. However, in this interface, the movement of viewpoint is needed because of pointing to character or command which a user wants to input, and this movement of viewpoint could be serious problem for some subjects. To solve this problem, Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) is proposed. However, classification time will increase, because it presents the characters one by one in this method. This paper compares the performance of RSVP and the conventional interface. Moreover, it applies the degree of reliability based selective stimulus presentation to RSVP, and studies on the improvement of classification time.



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