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2010年度PRMUアルゴリズムコンテスト : 「ターゲットをロックオンせよ!~移動物体の追跡~」実施報告と受賞アルゴリズム紹介

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  • 2010ネンド PRMU アルゴリズム コンテスト ターゲット オ ロックオン セヨ イドウブッタイ ノ ツイセキ ジッシ ホウコク ト ジュショウ アルゴリズム ショウカイ
  • PRMU Algorithm Contest 2010 "Lock on targets! - object tracking -" : Summary Report and Prize Winning Algorithms

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This paper reports a summary of the 14th algorithm contest entitled "Lock on targets! - object tracking -". This contest is supported by PRMU (Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding) technical group of IEICE-ISS. In this paper, brief overviews of prize-winning algorithms are presented by the winners. The contest in this year asks fast and accurate algorithms to track objects from videos. 73 algorithms were submitted to this contest (2nd largest submissions among the past contests), and 7 algorithms had won the prizes.

IEICE Technical Report;PRUM2010-296



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