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  • Twitterの実況書き込みを利用したスポーツ映像の要約(五感メディアの品質,コミュニケーションデザイン,画像符号化,食メディア,一般)
  • Twitter ノ ジッキョウ カキコミ オ リヨウ シタ スポーツ エイゾウ ノ ヨウヤク
  • Summarizing sports video by on-the-spot comments on Twitter

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Recently, web services such as the micro-blogging service "Twitter" is widely used to comment on TV programs. Such a service can be used for collecting the viewers' interests effectively. The goal of the work reported in this paper is the summarization of TV programs from the viewer's view points. To achive this goal, we propose a summarization method using Twitter tweets. First, the proposed method gathers on-the-spot comments by Twitter users watching a sport program. Then, by analyzing these comments, the proposed method classifies the team interested by each Twitter user, and also detectes the scenes where many users have interests. Finally, the method generates a summarized video of a sports game from the viewers point of view. We conducted an experiment on summarizing a baseball game by using on-the-spot comments. Experimental results showed that the proposed method successfully summarized it by detecting the important scenes in the program.


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