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  • セイセイガタ ガクシュウホウ オ モチイタ カサ オ サシタ ホコウシャ ノ コウセイド ナ ケンシュツ ニ カンスル ケントウ
  • A study on a method for high-accuracy detection of a pedestrian holding an umbrella with generative learning

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Recently, pedestrian detection from in-vehicle camera images has become an interesting topic for researchers. Especially, since a pedestrian holding an umbrella may not recognize an approaching vehicle, the system is expected to detect them and alert the driver. However, it is difficult to detect a pedestrian holding an umbrella by existing detection methods since an umbrella usually occludes some parts of the body. To tackle this problem, we propose a method to detect a pedestrian holding an umbrella from an in-vehicle camera image. In this paper, we propose a method that synthesizes umbrellas onto generated pedestrian images, and then learns them for improving the accuracy of the detection of pedestrians holding umbrellas. Experimental results showed that the detection accuracy of the proposed method outperformed existing methods by 14%.

IEICE Technical Report;PRMU2012-50,IEICE Technical Report;IBISML2012-33



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