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  • HealthyStadium: Meal Photo SNS with Mutual Healthiness Evaluation for Improving Users' Eating Habits

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Lifestyle-related diseases are a general term for diseases in which lifestyle is deeply involved in the pathogenesis, and there is a risk of raising the risk of developing three major causes of death such as cancer. Diet, in particular, is essential for human activities and is carried out on a daily basis, but diets with high calorie and poor nutritional balance are likely to lead to lifestyle diseases. To aim for healthy eating habits, a method of recording dietary contents in mobile devices is mainly used, but calculation of nutrients and recording load are large and it is required to always positively record, so there is a tendency to depend on the motivation of individual users for continuous use. In this research, we propose “HealthyStadium”, a new recording method to promote eating behavior change in the whole group by adding “game element in group” and “evaluation of others to meal contents” to the existing recording method. HealthyStadium is a social media which shares meal photo in the group and makes users fight with its health degree. Evaluation of the degree of health is done by voting one by one person, and users with many votes win. Using this application, we conducted an evaluation experiment for 10 university students over 28 days. Compared with the existing recording application, the number of meals recordings increased by 20% in HealthyStadium, and the burden of the recording was alleviated. Furthermore, the self-efficacy which is one of the evaluation indexes of the behavior change stage model was also improving.


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