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  • キョウイン ヨウセイケイ ダイガク ニ オケル ヤガイ キョウイク シドウシャ ヨウセイ カリキュラム ノ アリカタ
  • The Development of an Outdoor Leader Training Curriculum in a Teacher Training College

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate and develop an outdoor leader training curriculum in a teacher training college. Nara University of Education, chosen as the case study of a teacher training college, had both leader training courses of school and social physical education. Particularly, the social physical education leader training course emphasized outdoor leadership and had classes relating to outdoor education. The subjects were sixteen students who had graduated from or attended either course, and participated in the outdoor education program that the university sponsored for students to increase their professional opportunities. The subjects completed the Curriculum Evaluation Form and the Outdoor Leader Experience Form, and took a formal interview with an Interview Sheet based on both questionnaires. The results of content analysis identified seven subject groups that were effective for outdoor leader training. The findings suggested the necessity to maintain consistency between the class relating to outdoor education and the other subject groups. The result of the interviews indicated that theory learning before practice learning and professional opportunities were not effective for learning motivation. On the other hand, there were indications that the student's own outdoor experiences and minimum theory learning were necessary before moving onto professional opportunities. The other result of the interviews pointed out the importance of continuous specialization of a professional opportunity and direct instruction for a participant in the first professional opportunity. The findings totally supported a new curriculum model which considered the order of theory and practice, introduced professional opportunities through the course gradually, and integrated learning concepts of theories with professional opportunities.


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