A Survey of Student Needs for Psychology Education

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  • 心理学教育に関する学生ニーズの検討 : 学部学生・大学院生を対象とした調査から
  • シンリガク キョウイク ニカンスル ガクセイ ニーズ ノ ケントウ : ガクブ ガクセイ・ダイガクインセイ オ タイショウ ト シタ チョウサ カラ

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In this study, two surveys were conducted to clarify the needs of undergraduate and graduate students for psychology education. In Study1, a questionnaire survey was conducted on undergraduate students’ motivations, awareness of psychology education, needs, etc. In Study2, an interview survey on collaboration between undergraduate and postgraduate education was conducted for graduate students. It was found the students took action to distinguish between classes of interest and classes for employment, and it is useful to cope with the prospects of the future at an early stage (Study1), and that there was discrepancy between learning sought by undergraduate students and that by graduate students, they rethink learning in graduate schools, and that there is strong passive motivations for acquiring qualifications (Study2). Therefore, it is considered effective for psychology education to accelerate understanding by providing opportunities to actively use psychology learned in class through internships and volunteer experiences.




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