Different motilities of microtubules driven by kinesin-1 and kinesin-14 motors patterned on nanopillars


Kinesin is a motor protein that plays important roles in a variety of cellular functions. In vivo, multiple kinesin molecules are bound to cargo and work as a team to produce larger forces or higher speeds than a single kinesin. However, the coordination of kinesins remains poorly understood because of the experimental difficulty in controlling the number and arrangement of kinesins, which are considered to affect their coordination. Here, we report that both the number and spacing significantly influence the velocity of microtubules driven by nonprocessive kinesin-14 (Ncd), whereas neither the number nor the spacing changes the velocity in the case of highly processive kinesin-1. This result was realized by the optimum nanopatterning method of kinesins that enables immobilization of a single kinesin on a nanopillar. Our proposed method enables us to study the individual effects of the number and spacing of motors on the collective dynamics of multiple motors.


  • Science Advances

    Science Advances 6 (4), eaax7413-, 2020-01-22

    American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

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