Distinct sensorimotor feedback loops for dynamic and static control of primate precision grip


Volitional limb motor control involves dynamic and static muscle actions. It remains elusive how such distinct actions are controlled through separated or shared neural circuits. Here we explored the potential separation for dynamic and static controls in primate hand actions, by investigating the neuronal coherence between local field potentials (LFPs) of the spinal cord and the forelimb electromyographic activity (EMGs), and LFPs of the motor cortex and the EMGs during the performance of a precision grip in macaque monkeys. We observed the emergence of beta-range coherence with EMGs at spinal cord and motor cortex in the separated phases; spinal coherence during the grip phase and cortical coherence during the hold phase. Further, both of the coherences were influenced by bidirectional interactions with reasonable latencies as beta oscillatory cycles. These results indicate that dedicated feedback circuits comprising spinal and cortical structures underlie dynamic and static controls of dexterous hand actions.


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