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Equations, Tables and Charts for Shock Drag Parameter : Mach Number : 1.1∿15.0,Shock Angle : 90°∿Mach Angle


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An investigation is made on the determination of shock wave drag of a body in a supersonic free stream of an ideal gas from the shape of the shock wave given either by theory or experiment. Assumption is made that the flow condition changes isentropically along each streamline behind the shock and the pressure regains the free stream value far behind the body. The total wave drag is obtained in a form of an integral of shock drag parameter, Φ which is a function of free stream Mach number and local shock angle, over entire shock surface. Numerical values of Φ are presented in tables and charts. Asymptotic solution of Φ in the far field is also given.

資料番号: SA2400601000



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