Proposition of Pseudo-Cylindrical Concave Polyhedral Shells


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A proposition of a new shell form, which is cylindrical in a macroscopic sense and is concave polyhedral in a microscopic sense, is the purpose of this paper. It is shown that the inextensional post-buckling configurations of general cylindrical shells subjected to axial loading have peculiar geometrical characteristics, and that these configurations compose a general group of surfaces which may be designated as the pseudocylindrical concave polyhedral surface. Then the fixed idea that these surfaces are essentially failed forms is abandoned and is replaced by the idea that these are the basic forms of a new shell which could function superbly as the structure under some loading conditions. It is shown that the new shell, which may be called for convenience, the pseudocylindrical concave polyhedral shell and the PCCP shell for its abbreviation, has many useful characteristics as follows; inclusion of an arbitrary curvature distribution, developability of its midsurface, intrinsically high circumferential bending rigidity, and simplicity of elementary faces. The application of PCCP shells to large span shell structures, reservoirs, expansion joints, and others is suggested.

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