Gender differences in sleeping hours and recovery experience among psychiatric nurses in Japan



In their attempts to balance sleep routines with service schedules, nurses working in shifts are at risk for developing sleep disorders. Furthermore, nurses often experience considerable stress. In recent years, research has acknowledged the importance of activities other than work, and in particular recovery experiences. Therefore, the current study aimed to explore gender differences in sleeping hours and recovery experience of psychiatric nurses from a 16-hour shift to two days off duty. We found that males went to bed late and that females rose slightly early on days where they worked night shifts. On average, the sleeping hours of males were about 2 hours longer than were those of females. Furthermore, sleeping hours was positively related to mastery in males, while in females working hours was negatively related to psychological detachment and relaxation. Before the night shift, females engaged more housekeeping and used short sleeping hours during rest to compensate for the lack of sleep. Thus, recovery experience had different relationships with various life activities between male and female nurses. The results highlighted the need for health management interventions


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