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  • コウレイシャ フクシ シセツ ダンセイ ケアワーカー ノ キャリア ケイセイ ト エイキョウ ヨウイン ニ カンスル シツテキ チョウサ ケンキュウ
  • Factors affecting the career development of male care workers working in nursing homes : A qualitative research of male care workers

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This study is a qualitative research that aims to clarify the factors affecting the career development of male care workers working in nursing homes. The subjects were 19 people who can cooperate with the ongoing investigation. As a result, it was revealed that many care workers had experienced other occupations and had gotten qualifications. On the other hand, the carrier support of the individuals was limited to regular training and getting qualifications, their hope for the future career would not confirmed within the organization. In addition, people who had mentors and role models had been relatively stable, and was satisfied with the career of their own. Moreover, many of the care workers who were under stress, cited lack of career support, education and training opportunities as the cause. This study will be the result to give more suggestions employment policy of care workers today.

本研究は、平成22~24年度科学研究費補助金 (若手研究 B) (課題番号 22710267)「高齢者福祉施設男性ケアワーカーのキャリア形成と影響要因に関する縦断的調査研究」(研究代表者 澤田有希子) の助成による研究成果の一部である。


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