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地域資源の保全と開発に関する研究(II) : 山村地域における地域資源の構造と分類による特性比較


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  • Studies on Conservation and Development concerning Regional Resources : A Comparative Method of act on structure and Classification using the Regional Resources at Mountain Areas

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The purpose of this thesis is to suggest an analysis of struture and classification concerning regional resources. For this, it was researched about comparison with a factor of regional character, that of the basic needs of inhabitants and the method of regional development. The basic studies have been explained for the structure and classification to be ecological, sociological and anthropological methods. This study make a formulate about value of regional resources, that express in a similar way of it: SR=ΣΣΣ Rij This thesis of contents are summarized as follows: 1) All sort of regional resources are consist of reciprocal organic action. 2) All sort of regional resources are made of production, consumption and disintegration. As well as studies has result in using the regional resources, as a field survey, between Korea (1 cell) and Japan (3 cells). The result of this thesis appear as follow; 1) Regional resources have organized not only resources of regional nature but also resources of regional culture, but more important point is human role. 2) Using the regional resources formulation, as a conclusion are followed. (1) Hankei-Ri (Korea): Disintegration Resource> Production Resource> Consumption resource (2) Wada-Mura (Japan) : Disintegration Resource ≒ Consumption resource ≒ Production Resource (3) Nagawa-Mura (Japan) : Disintegration Resource> Consumption resource> Production Resource (4) Otaki-Mura (Japan) : Disintegration Resource> Consumption resource> Production Resource

source:The technical bulletin of Faculty of Horticulture, Chiba University



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