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  • ジドウ ギャクタイ ボウシ カツドウ ニ オケル センモンショクシャ ノ キョウイクテキ ニーズ--オキナワケン リトウ ノ バアイ
  • Educational Needs of Professionals in Child Abuse Prevention: One of Okinawa Islands in Japan

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[目的]本研究の目的は、沖縄県A島の児童虐待防止活動に関わる関係職種の教育的ニーズを明らかにし、教育プログラム開発の基礎資料とすることである。\n[対象と方法]対象は、沖縄県A島の児童虐待症例に出会う可能性のある病院看護師、保健福祉職員、保育士、母子保健推進員、民生委員・児童委員の計576名である。方法は留置法による自記式質問紙法で、記述統計及び質的内容分析法により職種別分析を行った。\n[結果]有効回答数323名であった。対象は経験年数及び年齢に幅があった。児童虐待に高い関心のある者の割合は保健師・福祉職の100%から看護師の50%まで差があった。虐待に関する就職後の教育・研修の経験は、職種により違いがあった。虐待、または疑い親子との関わりでの困難に関する自由記載ではコミュニケーション、親と連絡がとれない、関わり方等があげられた。各職種が考えた彼らに必要な能力は、アセスメント、コミュニケーション、連絡・調整、支援・ケア方法、知識、対人関係・人間性の6項目に分類できた。また、各職種が求める支援は組織内外からの相談・助言・スーパーバイズや、他機関・他職種の積極的関与、資源の充実、連絡体制・連携体制の構築、情報提供、法的権限の強化等であった。\n[結論]関係職種の教育的ニーズから共通性の高い教育内容として効果的コミュニケーション、アセスメント、他機関・他職種との連携、情報共有の必要性が示唆された。|[Background] Due to amendment of the child abuse prevention law and child welfare law, the role of professionals in relation to child abuse prevention has expanded and diversified. Therefore, education to enhance of knowledge and skills is required. [Object] The purpose of this study was to clarify educational needs of professionals in relation to child abuse prevention activity in an island in Okinawa, and to obtain basic material of the education program development. [Methods] A total of 323 professionals volunteered to participate (nurses, public health nurses, welfare staff, maternity and child health promoter, and social workers). Participants completed questionnaires. The data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics and content analysis techniques. [Results] There were a wide range of ages and working experiences, and educational backgrounds in participants. All of the public health and welfare professionals reported interest in child abuse prevention, yet only half of the hospital nurses in the pediatric and the ambulant units did so. Educational and training experience after employment showed differences depending on the occupation. The difficulties in taking care of abusive parents and their children were in the items‘communication’, ‘out of contact with parents’, and ‘how to deal with’. The competencies participants perceived to be required in their practice consisted of 6 items such as ‘assessment’, ‘communications’, ‘referral/coordination’,‘caring and support’, ‘knowledge’, and ‘interpersonal relationship/humanity’. Also, supports needed were ‘consultation, advice and supervision from the inside and outside of the organization’, ‘positive participation of multiagencies and any other professionals’, ‘sufficient resources’, ‘systems for the referral and‘working together’, ‘information sharing’, and ‘strength of privilege’. [Conclusion] This study suggests that effective communication, assessment, working together with other organizations and occupations, and information sharing are required as educational contents for professionals.


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