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Electric Field Simulation of Permittivity and Conductivity Graded Materials (ε/σ-FGM) for HVDC GIS Spacers

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This paper discusses the application of the novel technology - functionally graded material (FGM), which combines both spatial permittivity (ε) and conductivity (σ) distributions with the aim to control the electric field around DC-GIS spacer. Some distribution types of ε and/or σ in the spacer bulk, such as U-type and graded to higher conductivity (GHC) are investigated through electric field simulation, in comparison to the uniform spacer with constant ε and σ distributions. The electric field relaxation effect of each distribution type of ε/σ-FGM under DC steady state, DC polarity reversal, DC-on, and lightning impulse voltage superimposed on DC steady state condition are obtained. The results show that ε/σ-FGM with U-type permittivity and GHC-type conductivity distribution of which low σ is applied near the high voltage side of the DC-GIS spacer is the most effective in reducing the maximum electric field under all stated conditions.


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