Psychological support for athletes with IT cognitive behavioral therapy

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  • 電子的な認知行動療法システムのアスリートへの心理サポート援用
  • デンシテキ ナ ニンチ コウドウ リョウホウ システム ノ アスリート エ ノ シンリ サポート エンヨウ

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is not limited to therapeutic improvement of depression but can support people who are prone to depression in their daily lives. The purpose of this paper is to confirm the suitability of an eCBT system for providing psychological support to athletes. The experiment was conducted on 12 participants with only e-learning and no direct intervention. But since most athletes completed the experiment without using the eCBT system, an intervention experiment using the system to support the intervention was conducted. In this intervention experiment, one injured athlete was given support for 5 weeks, and as a result, the subject was able to acquire multifaceted thinking in daily and competitive life. The results of the experiment show that an eCBT system can be an important tool in providing psychological support to athletes.



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