Cultivating peacemakers through war experience : focusing on “the Combinations of Purpose and Practice in Learning History”

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  • 「戦争体験」を活用した平和形成主体育成の可能性 : 「歴史を学ぶ際に期待される行動と目的の組み合わせ」に着目して


This paper gives an overview of the transition of peace education in Japan, which deal with war experiences, and shows the possibilities of utilizing the experience of war. At that time, referring to "the combinations of purpose and practice in learning history", which is one of the results of history education research in the United States, it was shown that the possibilities and points to keep in mind for learners when utilize the war experience. Although war experiences can be used in various ways, the use of the war experience contributes to modern public debate so that learners can not only be the inheritors of the war experience but also be peacemakers.


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