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Analysis of Applications for the Inheritance of the Family Line of Officials in the Genealogies of the Surname Someji-uji and Others in Miyako Island

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  • 近世宮古島地方役人層の跡目継承 : 「染地氏系図家譜支流」を中心として
  • キンセイ ミヤコジマ チホウ ヤクニンソウ ノ アトメ ケイショウ : 「 ソメジ シ ケイズカ フ シリュウ 」 オ チュウシン ト シテ

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This study investigated a booklet called Someji-uji Keizu Kafu Shiryu created in Miyako Island in early modern Ryukyu, which comprised the records of the family tree of those bearing the surname Someji-uji and other documents. The documents included some copies of Koujo-Oboe issued by the Shuri government, which were applications for the adoption of a son in order to retain the family title of shi” or“ kei-mochi,”which conveyed the status of certain privileges. We compared it with similar applications and sorted out the Someji-uji family tree. These historical materials suggested that although the number of family members tended to increase from generation to generation, there were some households without their own sons. People belonging to the “shi” or “kei-mochi” class appealed to the Shuri government to consider their administrative achievements and wanted to be appointed as officials. They frequently made petitions to the Shuri government for the continuation of their lineal or collateral family line and of the family head. Insertions into the booklet revealed the reasons the “Tsutomegaki” document of the surname Someji-uji VI and the booklet had been kept in the same house.



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