Characteristics of Worker’s Values that same with the belonging organization

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  • 所属組織と価値観が一致する就労者の就労観の特徴
  • ショゾク ソシキ ト カチカン ガ イッチ スル シュウロウシャ ノ シュウロウカン ノ トクチョウ

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【Purpose】It has not been clarified what kind of values the workers who identify with the belonging organization have. In this study, we focused on the Work Values and Organizational Commitments, and aimed to measure the working values of workers whose organization and values coincide. / 【Methods】We conducted a self-administered questionnaire survey for regular employees of four manufacturing companies. 469 samples excluding missing samples were analyzed. Questionnaires consisted of demographic items, Work Value Scale, and Organizational Commitment Scale. / 【Results】We conducted a principal component analysis with Work values and Organizational commitment as variables, three principal components were obtained (Affirmative Type, Extrinsic Motivation Type, and Organization-Oriented Type). The component loadings of Affirmative Type showed high positive values for all subfactors of Work Values, and Affective and Internalization factors of Organizational Commitment. / 【Disccusion】In this study suggest that workers who have many sense of purpose in working and value in work felt emotional attachment to the organization, and their work values are in line with the organization.


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