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Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Clinical Guidelines: Molecular Testing for Colorectal Cancer Treatment, Third Edition

  • Kentaro Yamazaki
    Division of Gastrointestinal Oncology; Shizuoka Cancer Center; Shizuoka Japan
  • Hiroya Taniguchi
    Department of Clinical Oncology; Aichi Cancer Center Hospital; Aichi Japan
  • Takayuki Yoshino
    Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology; National Cancer Center Hospital East; Kashiwa Japan
  • Kiwamu Akagi
    Division of Molecular Diagnosis and Cancer Prevention; Saitama Cancer Center; Saitama Japan
  • Hideyuki Ishida
    Department of Digestive Tract and General Surgery; Saitama Medical Center; Saitama Medical University; Saitama Japan
  • Hiromichi Ebi
    Division of Medical Oncology; Cancer Research Institute; Kanazawa University; Ishikawa Japan
  • Kaname Nakatani
    Central Laboratory; Mie University Hospital; Mie Japan
  • Kei Muro
    Department of Clinical Oncology; Aichi Cancer Center Hospital; Aichi Japan
  • Yasushi Yatabe
    Department of Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics; Aichi Cancer Center Hospital; Aichi Japan
  • Kensei Yamaguchi
    Department of Gastroenterological Chemotherapy; Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research; Tokyo Japan
  • Katsuya Tsuchihara
    Division of Translational Research; Exploratory Oncology Research and Clinical Trial Center; National Cancer Center; Chiba Japan

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