Kaleidoscopic tilings, networks and hierarchical structures in blends of 3-miktoarm star terpolymers


<jats:p>Dissipative particle dynamics simulations are used to explore blends of 3-miktoarm star terpolymers. The investigated system is a 50/50 blend of ABC and ABD stars, which is investigated as a function of composition and at different symmetric segregation levels. The study shows that in analogy to pure ABC star melts cylindrical tiling patters form, but now in four-coloured variants. Also, a large part of the phase diagram is dominated by multi-coloured network structures showing hierarchical features. Most prominently, a novel alternating gyroid network structure with a hyperbolic lamellar interface is predicted to form. Here, the two gyroidal nets are composed of respectively C and D components, with the minority A and B components forming the lamellar-like curved structure on the dividing interface between the two nets.</jats:p>


  • Interface Focus

    Interface Focus 2 (5), 602-607, 2012-01-11

    The Royal Society

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