Clinical Evaluation of Serotonergic System Activation: Development of the α2Band in EEG during Physical Practice


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  • セロトニン神経活性化の臨床的評価:脳波α2成分の発現

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We have reported that various rhythmic exercises including pedaling exercise, Tanden breathing, (Zen meditation) and gum chewing evoke an activation of the serotonergic system in the brainstem, resulting in a significant increase in the relative power of the high-frequency alpha band (10-13 Hz: α2 band) in EEG at 5 min after the onset of those rhythmic exercises, accompanied by a feeling of reduced negative mood as assessed by the Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire. EEG changes were correlated with a significant increase in whole blood serotonin (5-HT) levels, indicating 5-HT system activation. Based on these previous results, we assessed the effects of physical therapy on 5-HT system activation. We found that rhythmical eyes movement and rhythmical touches with aesthetic relaxation on the face or back evoked a significant increase in the α2 band during the physical practice. Aesthetic touching is known to facilitate oxytocin (OXT) secretion in the brain and 5-HT neurons in the brainstem express oxytocin (OXT) receptors: both these changes suggest that such physical practice may cause 5-HT system activation.


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