Indonesian medicinal plants. I. New furanoditerpenes from Arcangelisia flava Merr.

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Four new furanoditerpenes, 6-hydroxyarcangelisin (1a), 2-dehydroarcangelisinol (2), tinophyllol (3a) and 6-hydroxyfibleucin (4b), which were isolated from the Indonesian traditional medicinal plant, Arcangelisia flava MERR. (Menispermaceae), have been shown to have the structures illustrated in Chart 1. Fibraurin (5a), 6-hydroxyfibraurin (5d) and fibleucin (4a), which were isolated from the same plant extract, were also identified. Assignments of the 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance signals of the isolated furanoditerpenes and their derivatives were carried out.


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