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The characteristics of university research bulletins in Japan : are they transforming from "grey" to "transparent"?(<Special feature>Grey literature)

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  • 大学紀要というメディア : 限りなく透明に近いグレイ?(<特集>灰色文献)
  • 大学紀要というメディア : 限りなく透明に近いグレイ?
  • ダイガク キヨウ ト イウ メディア : カギリナク トウメイ ニ チカイ グレイ?

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The author reviews the present situation of kiyo or Japanese university research bulletin, focusing the difficulty of the definition, history, characteristics and quality of papers appears in kiyo. The reason why the kiyo has published continuously without being replaced by society or specialized journals is discussed from the viewpoints of the scholars in social science and humanities. The digitization of kiyo was described in connection with the development of institutional repositories and interlibrary loans among university libraries in Japan. The author also discusses the way to maintain the quality of papers appeared in kiyo and the way to manage the library collections where many libraries face the lack of storage space in Japanese university libraries.



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