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The 7 lessons for the first step to becoming a patent searcher(<Special feature>To become an information professional-skill improvement method-)

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  • 特許サーチャーが,はじめの一歩で身につけたい,7つの知識とスキル(<特集>インフォプロいちねんせい-プロをめざすスキルアップ-)
  • 特許サーチャーが,はじめの一歩で身につけたい,7つの知識とスキル
  • トッキョ サーチャー ガ ハジメ ノ イッポ デ ミ ニ ツケタイ ナナツ ノ チシキ ト スキル

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How can one flourish as an information retrieval expert (information Professional)? Can one become a professional someday by polishing their retrieval techniques in front of the computer? This author thinks differently. Someone who can communicate appropriately with clients, understand their needs and be able to reflect that in their search results. Someone who gains favor with a client and is asked for advice on various things. The author believes that this kind of person is an "information Professional". In this paper aimed at "First Year information Professional" that will become information retrieval experts in the future, the author proposes seven common practices as a path for becoming a popular professional.


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