Searching for the CSR Indexes from Consumer's Standpoint

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  • 消費者視点のCSR指標を求めて
  • ショウヒシャ シテン ノ CSR シヒョウ オ モトメテ

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<p>Fundamental/essential corporate responsibility for which consumers ask must have been “striving for fair dealings” primarily. In recent years, complex and comprehensive “responsibility” has come to be searched for as a public at large regardless of an own position.</p><p>The indexes about CSR are being proposed with the rise of this concern, however, every index of those CSR does not represent the “corporate responsibility” for which consumers ask and recognize.</p><p>So, this research considers the “corporate responsibility” which consumers recognize by searching for a relation with the “customer satisfaction” which is an elementary proposition of marketing. At the end, from this argument, what can serve as CSR indexes should be examined ?</p>


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