The Landscape of Mido-suji Street in Osaka

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  • 大阪御堂筋の街路樹景観
  • 大阪御堂筋の街路樹景観--イチョウ並木の建設過程と主体
  • オオサカ ミドウスジ ノ ガイロジュ ケイカン イチョウ ナミキ ノ ケンセツ カテイ ト シュタイ
  • イチョウ並木の建設過程と主体
  • Process of Construction with Ginkyo Trees and its Stakeholders

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A street named Mido-suji in Osaka city was designed and constructed from northern Hankyu station(Osaka St.) to southern Namba Station as the main street of city planning in 1920's. The trees lining the street were also designed in order to purify the polluted air in urban area. Recently, Ginkgo trees are planted along the street Mido-suji and the landscape of lined trees becomes the symbolic scene of Osaka. However, in the first stage of the construction of Mido-suji street, the plane trees(Platanes) were planted in the northern area and the Ginkgo trees were lined in southern parts. In this paper, the designed plans, concerte works of street trees in Mido-suji and the stakeholders on the construction were discussed based upon the archives on city planning of Osaka.



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