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On the Quantification of Mixed Land Use Pattern Focusing on Adjacency, Intensity, and Proximity

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  • 用途間の隣接性・集積性・近接性の観点から見た混合土地利用パターンの定量化
  • Classification Considering Mixed Land Use and the Relationship with Travel Behavior in Tokyo Wards Area
  • 東京都23区における地区分類と手段別分担率との関係の分析

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In spite of the need for greater mixed land use for the sustainable urban planning, the concept of mixed land use is still necessary to be examined. In order to quantify mixed land use pattern considering spatial relationships among land uses, this study suggests three kinds of mixed land use indices: adjacency, intensity, and proximity. First, we found out that three mixed land use indicies explains a different part of spatial distribution. Second, these indices can distinguish land use pattern with similar land use composition by their different spatial distribution, and divided target area into 12 clusters by applying to Tokyo wards area. Third, effects of the mixture between two land uses on modal share can vary according to their spatial relationship. For instance, the degrees of intensity and adjacency between residential and commercial uses show contrary effects on the automobile share.


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