Temporary, project-based and informal Regional Development in Germany

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  • ドイツにおける時限型・プロジェクト型・非法定型の地域開発手法の仕組みと実態に関する研究
  • Management system and its realities of REGIONALE in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • ノルドライン・ヴェストファーレン州のREGIONALE(レギオナーレ)に注目して


The objective of this research is to elucidate the REGIONALE, which is a limited-time, project-based, informal Regional Development in the German state of NRW, and its current status. Based on literature reviews and interviews, we identified the following. 1) Similarities and differences between REGIONALE and IBA Emscherpark result from the legacy of IBA Emscherpark and strategic thinking of the state government. 2) REGIONALE supplements statutory plans, and actual results show a role of connection between ideas and planning. 3) REGIONALE employs an agency support system that covers everything from project certification to realization based on transparent certification standards and categorization. 4) Although innovative, it faces issues such as difficult long-term continuity and problems involving private sector coordination, evaluation , and the like.


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