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Evaluation and Park Improvement Judging from Placing by Scenic Beauty in the Park Design of Wakayama Ruins of Castle by Honda Seiroku

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  • 本多静六による和歌山城址の公園設計における風致の位置づけからみた評価と公園整備

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Since 1913 the city of Wakayama managed the castle site as a public park, and the following year Seiroku Honda submitted a design for its improvement. The city submitted the plan and a budget proposal to the city council in 1915. The plan involved destroying the moat and stone ramparts, spurring opposition in the city council and local newspapers. After approval by the city council, the city asked the prefecture for permission to proceed. The prefectural governor rejected the application because it would destroy the scenic beauty of the site. The city council then adopted a new plan that omitted the objectionable portions of the previous one. The city then proceeded with park improvement over five years.



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