A Trial of Risk Assessment of Tsunami Evacuation Taking Citizens' Behavioral Characteristics into Consideration

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  • 住民アンケートに基づく避難行動特性を考慮した津波避難リスク評価の試み
  • 住民アンケートに基づく避難行動特性を考慮した津波避難リスク評価の試み : 茨城県神栖市におけるL2津波想定を対象として
  • ジュウミン アンケート ニ モトズク ヒナン コウドウ トクセイ オ コウリョ シタ ツナミ ヒナン リスク ヒョウカ ノ ココロミ : イバラキケン カミスシ ニ オケル L2 ツナミ ソウテイ オ タイショウ ト シテ
  • Based on Questionnaire and the Supposition of Level 2 Tsunami in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • 茨城県神栖市におけるL2津波想定を対象として

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In order to develop a method to assess tsunami evacuation risk, we conducted questionnaire survey on all households belonged to neighborhood associations in Kamisu city and spatial analyses using the data of submergences by the level 2 tsunami which was supposed by Ibaraki prefectural authorities. Based on the survey data, the citizens' characteristics of tsunami evacuation action were grasped. And, by using GIS, evacuation routes that might be wholly or partly inundated were identified and the distances of the sections were measured. Then, we estimated time series transition of a number of evacuees who had not escaped from the submerged area. Finally, we examined the effects by improving percentages of evacuation and immediately start and evacuation routes.



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