A Study on the Management of an Extended Utilization of a Sidewalk under the Public-Private Cooperation

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  • 官民協働による歩道空間利活用事業の実態および運営上の課題に関する調査報告
  • 官民協働による歩道空間利活用事業の実態および運用上の課題に関する調査報告 -宮崎市高千穂通T-テラスを事例として-
  • 官民協働による歩道空間利活用事業の実態および運営上の課題に関する調査報告 : 宮崎市高千穂通T-テラスを事例として
  • カンミンキョウドウ ニ ヨル ホドウ クウカン リ カツヨウ ジギョウ ノ ジッタイ オヨビ ウンエイ ジョウ ノ カダイ ニ カンスル チョウサ ホウコク : ミヤザキシ タカチホツウ T-テラス オ ジレイ ト シテ
  • A Case on T-Terrace Stage, Takachiho Street, Miyazaki City Central District
  • 宮崎市高千穂通T-テラスを事例として

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T-Terrace is a stage located at Takachiho Street and designed for events and stop-off. It was built and has been managed by a private organization with the cooperation with the prefecture and the city governments toward city center vitalization. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the evaluation of the T-Terrace project based on a questionnaire survey to citizens and analyze the management problems by an interview survey for private and public sectors. The major findings are as follows: 1) The citizens highly evaluate the functions of the terrace and hope its continuous operation. 2) Although the private organization hopes its continuous operation, they have the financial problems caused by the institutional constraints. 3) Although the prefectural and the city governments recognize the importance of the terrace, the cooperation efforts are limited by lack of communication among private-public sectors.



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