The relationship between community groups and the use of Preservation Systems for Local Heritage

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  • 住民団体と地域遺産制度への取り組みの関係
  • A case study of the Heritage Preservation System In Tono city
  • 岩手県遠野市遠野遺産認定制度を事例として

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The purpose of this study is to clarify the relationship between community groups and use of preservation system for local heritage. This study deals with the Tono Heritage System. The following three points were identified: 1) Features: By examining the type and location of the recognized heritage properties it was possible to identify a tendency for residents to recommend familiar objects as heritage. 2) Trends of activities: Mainly three types of community groups were involved in the heritage nominations. Three types differed in the continuity of nominations and in the use of subsidies. 3) Details of activities: The evaluation and protection activities differed between community groups of different types, even if they were in the same area. the differences between the community groups in terms of experiences and purpose are deemed to affect the use of the protection system.



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