A Study on the Present Situation of Community Development Activities by Urban Middle-income Communities and the Institutional Issues in Thailand

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  • タイの都市中間層による地域コミュニティ開発活動の実施状況および制度的課題に関する一考察
  • タイの都市中間層による地域コミュニティ開発活動の実施状況および制度的課題に関する一考察 : 首都バンコクの「分譲住宅コミュニティ」に着目して
  • タイ ノ トシ チュウカンソウ ニ ヨル チイキ コミュニティ カイハツ カツドウ ノ ジッシ ジョウキョウ オヨビ セイドテキ カダイ ニ カンスル イチ コウサツ : シュト バンコク ノ 「 ブンジョウ ジュウタク コミュニティ 」 ニ チャクモク シテ
  • Focusing on the Registered "Real Estate Community" in Bangkok Metropolitan Area
  • 首都バンコクの「分譲住宅コミュニティ」に着目して

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This Study tries to reveal the present situation of community development activities by urban middle-income communities and the institutional issues through the statistical and social analysis of case of "Real Estate Community" in Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA). By the analysis, it was cleared that 1. Middle-income residents who lives in "Real Estate Community" which is 27% of the group in Bangkok tend to start community development activates because of internal and external socioeconomic factors, and 2. Existing institution which is targeting low-income community where is supported by mutual aid is not able to cover the present various issues of communities by different types of communities. In order to solve gaps, adjustment of institution at local level with common goals as local community is required.



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