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Four cases of melanoma with in-transit metastasis treated with subtotal integumentectomy

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  • Subtotal integumentectomyを施行したin-transit転移を有する悪性黒色腫の4例

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In-transit metastases have been reported to have occurred in 5 to 10% of all melanoma, and are known to impair prognosis. This type of metastasis might be the result of adhesion and proliferation of tumor cells within the lymph channel before reaching the lymph nodes. Although the adaptation and the effect are still not yet conclusive, some cases with in-transit metastases which have been treated using subtotal integumentectomy which removes the lymph channel from the primary site to the regional lymph node basin have been reported. In our institute, 4 cases of melanoma with in-transit metastasis were treated using this method, and 3 cases remained free of disease after 7 to 24 months of follow-up. Although the current trend is to use minimal surgery, this method should be discussed when managing cases with in-transit metastasis in the present situation.[Skin Cancer (Japan) 2009 ; 24 : 272-277]


  • Skin Cancer

    Skin Cancer 24 (2), 272-277, 2009

    The Japanese Skin Cancer Society

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