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Changes in Food Intakes and Required Nutrients under Stress : to Support Disaster Victims with Food Assistance


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  • ストレス負荷時の食事摂取量の変化と必要な栄養素-被災者への栄養・食生活支援のために-


This paper summarizes the nutritional risks that arise during disasters. This information should be helpful to public health nutrition workers when providing support to the victims of natural disasters. When a life-changing event such as a natural disaster occurs, food intake decreases because of stress-induced loss of Appetite, lack of time for meal preparation and eating, and reduced willingness to cook. However, if victims compensate for the shortage of time and unwillingness to cook by consuming fast food or instant food, their energy intake will increase. Under chronic stress, their Appetite will increase to enable the victims to recover from the stress. Special attention should be paid to the increased consumption of sweets as a stress-coping behavior. It is necessary to supply energy to the brain through sufficient consumption of carbohydrates and proteins that have high amino acid scores. Additionally, the vitamins B1, B6, and C should be substantially taken by consuming a variety of fresh foods. Adequate intakes of iron and calcium are particularly important, since deficiencies of these minerals are observed even under normal circumstances.



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