Expected Career Support for Women Surgeons

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  • 外科の立場からのキャリアアップ支援

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Purpose and Method: A questionnaire survey was designed to collect data regarding problems in establishing a career and expectations of support from women surgeons who belonged to the Department of Surgery in the University of Tokushima (including six (6) surgeons in the Department of Digestive and Transplant Surgery). <br> Result: Out study focused on five (5) women who entered our department since 2003. Sixty seven (67%) percent of these women surgeons were married and seventy-five percent (75%) of these were raising children. Eighty percent (80%) of these women felt that their superior and colleagues were understanding of their situations. However, they felt that the backup system was present only fifty percent (50%) of the time and the satisfaction ratings of that system and its accessibility were also only fifty percent (50%). The survey revealed that they thought that their career opportunities were restricted to gaining only clinical experience not achievement, position and studying abroad.<br> Conclusion: For the career development of woman surgeons, it is imperative to establish a backup system. Furthermore, woman surgeons also need to re-form consciousness.


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