Development of Inside Stack Sampler for the Determination of Sublimable Boron Compounds

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  • 煙道内排出ガス採取法を用いた昇華性を有するホウ素化合物測定法の開発
  • エン ドウナイ ハイシュツ ガス サイシュホウ オ モチイタ ショウカセイ オ ユウスル ホウソ カゴウブツ ソクテイホウ ノ カイハツ

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Artificial apparatus with inside stack sampler (type-I stack sampler) for the measurement of sublimable boron compounds in exhaust gas was developed. A filter holder with 3-stage filters of 25 mm φ was inserted into the stack. The first stage was Teflon filter for particle collection. The second and third stages were the cellulose filters impregnated with K2CO3 to capture the gaseous compounds. The boron compounds were extracted from the filters by ultrasonic extraction with ultra pure water. The concentration of boron was measured by ICP-MS. The limit of quantification for boron was 0.3 μg/m3.


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