A Capture-Safety Checking Metric Based on Transition-Time-Relation for At-Speed Scan Testing

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Test power has become a critical issue, especially for low-power devices with deeply optimized functional power profiles. Particularly, excessive capture power in at-speed scan testing may cause timing failures that result in test-induced yield loss. This has made capture-safety checking mandatory for test vectors. However, previous capture-safety checking metrics suffer from inadequate accuracy since they ignore the time relations among different transitions caused by a test vector in a circuit. This paper presents a novel metric called the Transition-Time-Relation-based (TTR) metric which takes transition time relations into consideration in capture-safety checking. Detailed analysis done on an industrial circuit has demonstrated the advantages of the TTR metric. Capture-safety checking with the TTR metric greatly improves the accuracy of test vector sign-off and low-capture-power test generation.



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