Improvements of Local Descriptor in HOG/SIFT by BOF Approach


Numerous studies have been focusing on the improvement of bag of features (BOF), histogram of oriented gradient (HOG) and scale invariant feature transform (SIFT). However, few works have attempted to learn the connection between them even though the latter two are widely used as local feature descriptor for the former one. Motivated by the resemblance between BOF and HOG/SIFT in the descriptor construction, we improve the performance of HOG/SIFT by a) interpreting HOG/SIFT as a variant of BOF in descriptor construction, and then b) introducing recently proposed approaches of BOF such as locality preservation, data-driven vocabulary, and spatial information preservation into the descriptor construction of HOG/SIFT, which yields the BOF-driven HOG/SIFT. Experimental results show that the BOF-driven HOG/SIFT outperform the original ones in pedestrian detection (for HOG), scene matching and image classification (for SIFT). Our proposed BOF-driven HOG/SIFT can be easily applied as replacements of the original HOG/SIFT in current systems since they are generalized versions of the original ones.



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